If you’re planning on delivering a multi-lingual marketing campaign, don’t forget to factor in the cost of good translation

If you’re planning on launching a marketing campaign in both Turkish and English, you’ll no doubt have thought about translation (though you may well want to consider a separate strategy for you English marketing content – link). As a marketing manager, you’re always under pressure to deliver the best at the lowest cost, so it might be tempting to find the cheapest translation agency who can turn around your material in the fastest time possible. The reality is that’s a sure-fire way to turn your English-language marketing campaign into a disaster.

If you want to know why using a native translator is so important, click here, but in short, if you want slick, well-written English representing your brand, your translator has to be a talented native writer of the language.

So where do you start looking for a native translator to turn your Turkish copy into English? For a start, native Turkish to English translators a rare breed anyway, and very few Turkish translation agencies have native English translators on their books. That leaves you with two options:

International Agencies

Large international agencies are likely to have native translators who can deal with Turkish to English translation. Prices vary, as does quality, but for a good quality translation which has been proofread and edited, you can expect to pay up to 0.22 Eur per word.

Independent Translators

Independent native Turkish to English translators can be hard to find, but they can offer a great compromise between price and quality, and what’s more you can take a look at their CV and see how their experience fits with your brand. Plus, you’ll be dealing with the person actually doing the translation, not a project manager – just be sure you check their references! An independent translator should supply a proofread and edited translation for around 0.15 Eur per source word.

Ultimately, if you’ve spent money on a great marketing campaign, then be sure the translation into English is just as good, even if that means spending a little extra. So, if you’re planning on translating marketing copy from Turkish to English, consider the following when drawing up your budget:

  • The reasons you should be using a native translator
  • The likely ballpark cost of good quality translation
  • Factoring in that cost to your marketing budget

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