Don’t let poor translation damage your brand and business objectives

Translation quality is not always at the top of a marketing executive’s agenda. The fact is though, the majority of English translations in the Turkish market are poor. The reason for this is that the vast majority of English translations in the Turkish market are not carried out by native translators. It’s almost impossible for a non-native translator to produce flawless, creative translation in their second language (in fact, it’s difficult enough in a writer’s mother-tongue; a good translator needs to be a talented writer too). Make sure you use an experienced, native translator for the marketing copy that’s going to represent your brand. Otherwise you’ll be a risk of these consequences of bad writing.


Poor writing costs business

It doesn’t matter what product or service you sell, if your marketing copy is unclear, poorly worded or just plain sloppy, this reflects badly on your brand. There’s no way to quantify exactly how much a piece of poor writing will cost your business, but you just have to ask yourself this question: “Would I be put off a brand if its website, sales or informative copy was badly written?” If you can’t articulate what your product or service is properly, you can expect sales to suffer. It’s worth noting that for marketing or PR copy, a creative approach to translation needs to be taken.


Poor writing wastes time and money

When errors are discovered in copy, it takes time to find the right person to fix them, to have them fixed, and then to republish the corrected version. If you’re publishing in print, the cost of fixing errors in your copy might be huge; you may have to reprint an entire run of leaflets or brochures. Using an experienced marketing translations service provider will ensure that you get your copy right first time, and will help you avoid wasting time and resources.


Poor writing can hurt your brand’s image and story

The affinity you create with your customers through your brand image and story is more important now than ever before. Every word of marketing copy is a representation of your brand, and if any of that is imperfect, that imperfection will be associated with your brand in the mind of the reader. At best, a potential customer will notice a lack of accuracy or finesse; at worst, they’ll be frustrated with your brand for putting indigestible, unintelligible text in front of them, or for giving them messages which are misleading. The cost of putting this right can be huge.


Poor writing can slow down business processes

Poor translation can also affect your internal business processes if you happen to be a company with operations in several countries or working within a multi-lingual team. Reports, reviews, case studies; if any of these internal communications cause confusion or waste time because they have been translated poorly, this will negatively affect your business.

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